Our team of experienced consultants helps organizations to assess their current challenges, envision their future, and develop systems to meet their aspirations.


Our Consulting Services


We consult mainly in the areas of leadership, management systems, human resources development and organizational building. Our consulting services focus on developing the people to satisfy their need for meaningful work, to nurture interdependence, and to implement distributive management systems, all for the enlightened purpose of building the organizational capacity.


Our consulting interventions, supported by training and learning activities, have helped our client organizations to:


- Define the organization’s intent, focus, and orientation

- Develop management and organizational strategies

- Facilitate change management projects and initiatives

- Shape the governance system

- Reform management practices and policies

- Renew the organizational structure and architecture

- Improve the quality of products and services

- Improve relationships with customers and suppliers

- Nurture the entrepreneurship spirit

- Build organized management systems while avoiding bureaucracy

- Improve interpersonal relations and team dynamics

- Develop leadership and management skills

- Foster an environment that encourages human resources to choose effectiveness and accountability

- Promote innovation, creativity, initiative and the migration towards systems thinking